Where to Buy Cheap Vacuum Cleaner

Where to Buy Cheap Vacuum Cleaner Under $100

Sweeping your floor can do so much, but if you really want a dust-free home, especially if you have a carpeted floor, then a vacuum cleaner is a must. There are plenty of vacuum brands out there, and the most popular names can cost several hundreds of dollars.

Where to buy cheap vacuum cleaner for less than $100?

We’ve done the research for you. Here, we give you 7 items that are truly affordable. These picks include different types of vacuum cleaners, from robot cleaners to bagless vacuums from lesser-known brands.

Puppyloo WP526-C

Would you believe that this vacuum cleaner costs less than $50? What does it offer? Expect the following features. One, it can be easily transformed from a floor vacuum cleaner to a handheld. Two, it comes with a few brushes that let you tackle floor and above-floor tasks. Three, it’s lightweight. It’s main body weighs only 1 kg.

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iSweep S320

Let’s put in a robot cleaner. This one can give the iRobot a run for its money. It can sweep, vacuum, and even mop your floors. It has 3 cleaning modes or patterns, it even has a straight pattern to cover edges.

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Grikey Car Vacuum Cleaner

Some vacuum cleaners can be used to clean the insides of your car. But nothing beats an appliance that’s created especially for this purpose. Here’s a cleaner from Grikey, for instance.

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Tinton Life S1007

Weighing 1.5 kg, the Tinton Life S1007 is a multi-purpose, bagless vacuum cleaner. It can easily turn into a handheld to suction the dust and other particles off your upholstery.

Where to buy cheap vacuum cleaner: here!

Dibea DU100

If you prefer a vacuum cleaner that also gives you an option to do wet vacuuming – aside from dry cleaning option – then consider the Dibea DU100. It has a capacity of 15 liters, comes with a power cord length of 4.5 meters, and it produces less than 80 dB of noise.

Puppyloo WP9002B

Need a canister vacuum cleaner? Consider getting the Puppyloo WP9002B. It has a foot-control button, comes with a few attachments, has an air volume adjustable knob, and it has a flexible EVA pipe.

Xin Yi Bang JS618

Here’s another cheap vacuum cleaner for your car. You’d be surprised to know that it can also inflate a car – who knew?