Where to Buy Cheap Lego

Where to Buy Cheap Lego Under $10

A set of Lego blocks can cost a lot, so if you’re a parent, we feel your frustration if your child asks for a toy and you have to say “no.” But that’s a thing of the past now. In fact, there are Lego (or Lego-like) blocks that cost only under $10.

Is that real? Yes, it is! Where to buy cheap Lego? Check out Aliexpress. But you don’t have to go through the whole catalogue. Here are 7 items we found. Take a look, you might like them.

Princess Jasmine’s Palace

Let’s start with this set. This is perfect for beginners who love Disney Princesses especially Princess Jasmine. The set includes typical sights in the Arabian desert such as palm trees and a beautiful castle with domes.

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Music Studio Set

This is for children who love music and want to be a part of the industry someday, perhaps as a singer, a producer, or even a music executive.

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Jurassic World Dinosaur Building Blocks

These building blocks are inspired by Jurrasic World. If your kids love dinosaurs, then this is definitely for them.

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Mini Street City

These building blocks are a beginner-entry Lego-like toy for children. It has a mini street with buildings of some popular brands such as Coke and Starbucks.

Where to buy cheap Lego: here!

Army Tank Building Kit

This building kit challenges your child to build an army tank.

Princess Carriage Building Block

This one is super cute! It’s for children who love their Disney Princesses. As advertised, this has 99 pieces.

Food Truck Lego-Like Blocks

These blocks allow your child to create a food truck and a table with umbrella. Take a look!