Cheap Circular Saw for Sale

Where to Buy Cheap Circular Saw for Sale – 7 Top Picks

If there’s one tool that you must have in wood working, it’s a circular saw. It’s one of the most versatile cutting devices around. Not only can you make cross-cuts and rip-cuts perfectly, but you can substitute it as a miter saw to make those bevel cuts.

And if your woodworking skills are high enough, you can even transform your circular saw into a table saw.

Circular saws can be expensive. Thanks to lesser-known brands, you can have this tool at a fraction of a cost. Here are our picks for the best cheap circular saw for sale today.

ProStormer Cordless Circular Saw

In the image below, the parts of the ProStormer Cordless Circular Saw are labeled without the parts specified. Look again… can you find the following? A lock-off button, a blade case, and a safety cover? Notice that it comes with a 20V 84000mAh Li-ion battery.

CSAW9 86508

As advertised, the CSAW9 86508 weighs 5.1 kg and comes with a 45-degree tilt to adjust the blade height.

KGB Tools Circular Saw

The brand name seems quite scary, but this circular saw is ideal for light jobs. It comes with an inclined vent system that helps reduce the entry of dust into the machine. The vents also help in heat dissipation.

AiHighandy W57

The AiHighandy W57 can cut through a variety of materials, which include the following: PVC tubes, solid wood board, plywood, MDF, and even bamboo.

Tenwa PTET1006A-1

As advertised, the Tenwa PTET1006A-1 has a high-torque motor and a compact design that allows you to make accurate cuts. It also boasts of a single beam laser for precise cutting.


Weighing 5 kg, the ZJMZYM M1Y-DS-185 is a 7-inch circular saw ideal for beginners who would like to create not-so-complicated wood projects.

Arcsheng BNKTOP Circular Saw

This circular saw comes with a 7-inch blade and an attractive 2-color body.