Sennheiser ME 2 Alternatives for Vlogging

Seven (7) Sennheiser ME 2 Alternatives for Vlogging

If you want to take your vlogging career to the next level, there are a few equipment that you’ll have to invest in. Three of the most important are the following: a good camera, a stabilizer (gimbal) or a portable tripod, and a microphone.

Let’s talk about the last item on the list – a mic.

When you’re vlogging, audio quality should never be compromised. Otherwise, if there’s too much background noise – which happens a lot especially when you’re vlogging outdoors (e.g., traffic, wind) – your followers will not hesitate to watch another video. To help you achieve good audio, a good mic is of course a must.

The Sennheiser ME2 – an omnidirectional lavalier mic – is one of the popular brands on the market today. But if you can’t afford its hefty pricetag, don’t worry because there are some Sennheiser ME 2 alternatives that would at least be better than not having a mic. We list them down below.

Sennheiser ME 2 Alternatives Top Pick: BOYA BY-M1

The BOYA BY-M1 is one of the most popular cheaper Sennheiser ME 2 alternatives used by Youtubers. Just like the Sennheiser ME2, it’s also omni-directional. It comes with a 6-meter plug that gives you more than enough distance between you and your phone or camera.

Maono AU-100

The Maono AU-100 is compatible with practically any device that you have, from your iPhone to your tablet or even a DSLR camera and a laptop. You can use it for interviews or conferences, or yes, vlogging and expect impeccable sound quality.

Arimic 0407

The Arimic 0407 features a 5-foot (1.5-meter) cable that should be long enough for any purpose it serves, be it an interview or a conference. It’s a clip-on mic, so expect your hands to be free during filming.

Aputure A.lav

As advertised, the Aputure A.lav is a professional omnidirectional lavalier mic with selected condenser element. It has a high signal noise ratio, a wide dynamic range, and a flat frequency response. The effect should be a clean, bright, yet natural reproduction of professional-grade audio.


Here’s another one from BOYA, the BOYA BY-DM1. It weighs only 58 grams and comes with a 6-meter or 20-foot cable. It comes with a lighting connector, so it should fit iPhones and iPads.

Alloyseed 143593

The Alloyseed 143593 is a wireless mic that has a working range of 30 meters. This is for you if you hate wires.

FELYBY Lapel Mic

What’s unique about the FELYBY Lapel Mic? It comes with an attachment that lets you connect two microphones that you can use at the same time.