Mini Circular Saw Under $100

Mini Circular Saw Under $100

Why do you need a personal or mini circular saw? Because it’s more compact and much “friendlier” than its bigger counterpart – the 10- or 12-inch circular saw. You can use it with one hand, it’s lightweight, and it’s easier to manage than its bigger and bulkier counterpart.

There are different brands to choose from, from more established and more expensive names to cheaper alternatives. Here, we give you our top picks for mini circular saw under $100.

HEPHAESTUS Mini Circular Saw

Let’s start with a HEPHAESTUS. This saw comes in two kinds, one with a laser guide and another without this feature. It weighs only about 2 kg., and it comes with a cutting depth of 28.5 m. It can be used to cut through wood and PVC.

AiHighandy J192

Next up is the AiHighandy J192. It weighs less than 2 kg, has a max cutting depth of 45, and it can make oblique cuts of an angle that measures up to 45 degrees.

Hilda JD3522C

With a new package of the Hilda JD3522C, expect to find 4 main objects – the mini circular saw, the dust passage, an alley key, and an auxiliary handle.


Promising “precise” and “easy” cuts, the DEKO QD6908B boasts the following features: a round handle that can be mounted on the front end, a safe double switch, and a compact design. It also comes with 4 blades for different kinds of materials.

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Tenwa PTET030-1

Being a mini circular saw under $100, the Tenwa PTET030-1 has a cutting depth of 22mm with a no-load speed that goes up to 6500 rpm. it comes with a grip in case you want a two-hand operation, giving you a much safer operation.

Hilda BT-CS001

The Hilda BT-CS001 comes with a soft handle, an active safe cover button, and a lock to safely load and unload cutting blades. It also has a lockable switch.

Arcsheng Mini Circular Saw Under $100

Weighing 3.5 kg, this circular saw from Arcsheng is one reliable woodworking tool. It comes with a no-load speed of 4100rpm and a max cutting depth of 26mm.