Cheap Unif Alternative

Cheap Unif Alternative, Striped Knit Sweaters Under $30

Clothes can play an important role in boosting someone’s confidence. The concept of “power dressing” wasn’t invented for no reason. When you look good, you feel good and ready to take on any kind of challenge.

But popular clothing brands can put a dent on your bank account, so you have to be smart in your spending habits.

Do you love the cool clothes you see in Unif shops, particularly the striped/rainbow sweaters? Surely, there are more affordable options. Let’s give you some cheap Unif alternative designs that cost less.

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Cheap Unif Alternative Top Pick: Simenual Rainbow Turtleneck Sweater

Unif loves its rainbow knit sweaters. So when we found this beautiful turtleneck, we didn’t hesitate to put it on top of this “cheap Unif alternative” list. It’s really the perfect alternative to the $88 or so Crayola Sweater.

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Vintage Pullover ZSW463

Vintage and knit – isn’t this absolutely gorgeous? The retro-ish color combined with stripes, green, and treehouse patterns – it’s so Unif.

Simenual Rainbow Stripe Sweater with Fringe

Here’s another rainbow sweater, but this time, it comes with beautiful fringes! It’s super sexy, yet super classy – a rare combination.

Boring Striped Cardigan

If you think a rainbow cardigan is boring, well, it has just gotten an exciting makeover with the word “BORING” on the back.

Knitted Sweater with Rainbow in the Middle

Available in black and white, this knitted sweater’s rainbow design is the perfect accent to a rather boring plain color.

Simenual Mohair Sweater

Let’s try another material with this sweater. Mohair? It’s smooth and very effective in warming you up.

Lantern Sleeve Mohair Sweater

Here’s another sweater made of mohair, but this one features a lantern sleeve. It’s very elegant, classy, and it goes with almost anything.