Cheap Lovesac Alternative

Cheap Lovesac Alternative, Bean Bag Chairs Under $100

They’re the “world’s most comfortable seat,” according to Lovesac, but these Lovesac bean bag chairs are also waaay too pricey. The cheapest of their products – the Gamersac – costs $350. The BigOne, on the other hand, costs a whopping $1300!

Of course, there’s a reason why they’re priced this way. They’re durable, they’re movable, they’re washable, they’re hand-sewn, and they’re changeable. But unless you’re deep-pocketed, there’s no way that you would want to spend that much money.

The good news is that there are more affordable options, and this is where we come in. Here, we give you a list of “cheap Lovesac alternative” that costs not more than $100.

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Cheap Lovesac Alternative Top Pick: Blue Violet SF1806105

Why does the Blue Violet SF1806105 chair our top cheap Lovesac alternative? Because it’s not manufactured in a factory. Instead, it’s hand-woven by farmers during their free time. That said, buying one of these cotton-thread chairs means helping the makers improve their lives.

But other than that, you can’t deny the beauty and creativity of the product. They’re big, and they truly can give Lovesac a run for its money. You can lounge in them at home, at your patio, or you can even take it with you on a short glamping trip.

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Blue Violet SF1806104

Here is another design from the same company. As you can see, these are much smaller than the previous one, but it’s still made by the industrious hands of farmers.

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Litjava DD001 Bean Bag

The Litjava DD001 bean bag measures 140 x 180 cm, which should be big enough for an adult person. It weighs 2 kg, and it’s made of PVC materials. This requires 4 kg of fillers, but unfortunately, this bag doesn’t come with one. You’ll have to make a separate purchase.

Levmoon LV207

The Levmoon LV207 is available in many exciting colors and prints, including plain colors (blue, pink, and lemon green), stripes, and even a cow print pattern.

Runboy 363500

The Runboy 363500 is the perfect bean bag to take with you to the beach. Why? Because not only is it made from waterproof materials, but it’s also lightweight, has a bright attractive color, and it’s durable.

As advertised, this bean bag has a coated oxford fabric exterior, which wipes clean with damp cloth. Note that you’ll have to make a separate purchase for the polystymen bead filling.

QL-19 Bean Bag

If you’re looking for another material to expand your options, then the QL-19 bean bag offers another one. As advertised, it comes with a 3D net fabric, a breathable, foldable, and easy-to-clean material.


Spice up your bedroom or living room with an exciting print. This bean bag from KISMIS is truly a stand out.