Best Cheap Jigsaw Tool

Best Cheap Jigsaw Tool – 7 Top Picks

What can you do with a jigsaw? A jigsaw is a type of saw built specifically to deal with curves. If you’d like to cut a perfect circle, for example, you can accomplish this easily with a jigsaw.

In the past, tools were limited to names such as Makita, Dewalt, and Black + Decker. Through the years, these brands have carved out a good reputation, but with this comes the hefty cost.

If you’re starting out in wood working, or if you’re an occasional DIYer, a cheap jigsaw can be a good substitute at least until you’re confident about your skills.

Here are our 7 picks for the best cheap jigsaw tool you can readily buy online.

Pro Stormer 20V Jigsaw PTET1019

Hate wires? Go wireless! The Pro Stormer PTET1019 comes in a handsome blue exterior, weighing 3.2 kg with a quick base plate change feature. It has a 45-degree tilt angle functionality, and a 3-speed setting.

Feng ZFY191TE Jigsaw

Weighing only 1.45 kg, the Feng ZFY191TE Jigsaw is made of an all-copper motor that features a cutting depth (wood) of 5 to 85 mm. This electric jigsaw can be used in a wide scope of application such as wood, plastic, and metal.

AiHighandy J191 Jigsaw Tool

What makes this jigsaw tool a standout? First, it comes with a laser guide for precise cutting. It also has a lifting knife, 6-levels of speed adjustment, and a quick chuck feature.

HEPHAESTUS Cordless Jigsaw

One look at the HEPHAESTUS jigsaw is enough to impress you with its features. When you unbox your package, it should come with 8 accessories which includes a standard guide ruler. As advertised, this jigsaw power tool come with a vacuum tube design. It has a continuous dust blower to keep your workplace clean at all times.


DEKO is one of the fastest rising brands as of late. And it’s for good reason. The DEKO QD6609 doesn’t disappoint. Not only does it have a handsome exterior, but it also comes with impressive features. It comes with a built-in laser guide for a more precise cutting. It also has a 4-position orbital operation that allows you to cut through a variety of materials.

MailTank SH29

The MailTank SH29 comes with an iron-plastic body with a strong chip handling when cutting metal. Its copper motor gives a low-vibration, small-noise operation everytime.

VOTO JP163701

The image below shows the parts and thus features of the VOTO JP163701. Take note of its heat dissipation feature to make sure this jigsaw tool lasts years.