Cheap Alternatives to Humidifiers

All Under $30: Cheap Alternatives to Humidifiers

One of the reasons why people suffer from dry cough and allergic reactions is dryness of the air. When it’s dry, your system, especially your skin gets irritated.

To deal with this, you need a humidifier. This nifty device helps balance the moisture in the air so that you won’t experience any of the abovementioned difficulties.

Now… there are expensive humidifiers, and there are more affordable ones. The price tag is sometimes dependent on the features they offer. The more advanced their functionalities are, the more expensive they’re expected to be.

Do you need cheap humidifiers? Here’s a selection of the best cheap alternatives to humidifiers, all under $30.

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Cheap Alternatives to Humidifiers Top Pick: Alanchi GH-31

The Alanchi GH-31 tops this list of “cheap alternatives to humidifiers” for a number of reasons. Overall, not only is this cheap, but it’s also packed with impressive features.

One, it has a water tank with a 3-liter capacity, which gives you enough hours of runtime. Second, it’s ideal for rooms of up to 60 square meters (or 645 square feet), which can be your living room or bedroom. Best of all, it’s an ultrasonic humidifier, so it’s expected to be quieter than evaporative ones. As advertised, it should produce less than 36 dB of noise.

Oh, the best part is it comes with its own remote control. All of that costs only less than $20.

Alanchi QB-03

Here’s another one from Alanchi, the QB-03, a 4-liter ultrasonic humidifier that you can also use as an essential oil diffuser.

As advertised, it’s possible to use the Alanchi QB-03 even when the air-con is running. In fact, it’s even better. This ensures that the moisture in the air remains balanced.

Qbao SHM-19

If you’re looking for a no-fuss humidifier, then consider getting the Qbao SHM-19. It’s ideal for small rooms of up to 40 square meters, and its water tank has a capacity of 3 liters.

Not only is it quiet, but it also turns off automatically when it runs out of water. This is a safety feature that you definitely would want in a humidifier. There’s also a colorful LED light that acts as a night light.

TS016 Ultrasonic Humidifier Diffuser

The TS016 is a 2-in-1 device. While it primarily acts as a humidifier, you can add essential oils to it so that it can diffuse fragrance into the air. That said, it’s a humidifier-diffuser.

You’ll definitely love to use it at night because when it glows, you’ll see the beautiful designs that it seems to emit.


You’ll love the KBAYBO K-H14A because of these reasons.

It comes with a remote control that gives you access to a series of functions that you need. These functions include a mist-adjust function, which you can use to choose between two mist output levels. Another function is the timer button. There’s also a sleep mode, and then you can enjoy 7 color LED changes when you sleep at night.

This device is also an aroma diffuser. Although it doesn’t come with a separate aromatherapy box or compartment, adding essential oils directly into the water tank won’t cause it problems.


As advertised, the ZJMZYM JSQ-A40A2 is intended for pregnant women. Not only does it have a large water tank – which can hold 4 liters of water – but also, it has a separate box to put in your favorite essential oils. Expect a quiet operation, with noise level falling within the 20 – 40 dB range.


What’s unique about the DMWD N4JSHQ-DEM-F450?

As advertised, this handsome humidifier comes with an anti-bacterial tank. It’s made of a layer that’s twice as thick as other brands. It has a 4-liter capacity, which should give you up to 16 hours of runtime.