7 Alternatives to Premier Pro Top Picks

7 Alternatives to Premier Pro Video Editing Software

A video editing software is a must if you are any of the following: vlogger, creator, editor, and enthusiast.

But your choice of software depends on what you need. For instance, if you’re a beauty vlogger, you most probably don’t need an editing software with the most advanced features. Your viewers don’t need to see awesome effects.

The Adobe Premier Pro is by far the world’s most popular video editing software. But just because it’s on everyone’s lips doesn’t mean you have to get it as well. You might not need it in the end, and you’ll just be wasting away that hard-earned cash.

Fortunately, there are other options available. Here are 7 alternatives to Premier Pro.

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Shotcut (free)

Shotcut is free, open-source, and it’s available for all systems. We’re talking Windows, Max, and Linux applications. Is it any good? This is the best free editing software available. Unlike the now-defunct Windows Movie Maker, Shotcut allows editing in layers.

iMovie (free)

If you have a Mac, it’s best to stick with iMovie. Not only is it free, but it’s also created especially for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Just like Shotcut, iMovie is classified as a basic editor. This is ideal for you if you only want to trim or combine videos before uploading them on social media.

Look at how you can turn your footage into a cinematic video with iMovie.


Unlike iMovie and Shotcut, Movavi comes with a fee. But with this pricetag, it gives you several features that you won’t get from basic editors. Examples include transitions and chroma key.


PowerDirector is another one of those alternatives to Premier Pro that target people with intermediate needs. It comes with transitions, video effects, and even animated texts.

PowerDirector is for people who would love to hone their video editing skills for a few years before they can finally upgrade to Premier Pro or a more powerful editor.

DaVinci Resolve (free)

DaVinci Resolve comes with the free and paid versions. Definitely, you’ll have access to more advanced features if you get the paid version.

But before you decide to shell out some money, it’s best to try out all the features in the free version first, especially if you’re a relatively new video editor. Note that the free version comes with powerful features such as color correction features, so you might want to master your grading skills first before paying anything.

Final Cut Pro

This is available only for MacOS, and it comes with a fee. It’s simple to use, and rendering won’t take forever unlike other programs or applications.


Filmora is not as powerful as Premier Pro, but is gets the job done especially if you need basic to intermediate features. This video editing software comes with an inexpensive one-time price tag, which is awesome.

Watch the video below to know what you can do with Filmora.